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Extra Credit Opportunities for 2nd - 4th Quarter

* All extra credit must be turned in 1 full week before the end of the quarter.  Otherwise it will be counted towards the next quarter grade.  Students can complete ONLY one Kitchen Chemistry and one Lab Report each quarter.


1.  Kitchen Chemistry

Students can follow any recipe that includes exact measurements and at least 7 ingredients.  Students must turn in a photo of the finished product and the written recipe.  This will help students learn how to follow a lab procedure and use proper measurement skills.  You can receive up to 5 test points for this extra credit.  Keep in mind tests are usually worth about 50 points, so it is like adding 10% to your test grade!


2.  Lab Report

Students can pick any science experiment they would like to do!  It can be silly or serious, as long as it asks a question and tests at least 3 independent variables.  For example:  Which soil type will grow the tallest tomato plants?  The 3 independent variables could be soil from your backyard, Miracle Gro soil, and store brand soil.  Students need to complete the experiment and follow/write/turn a lab report following the "Lab Write Up Template" in their binders.  This can be worth up to 10 test points or  20 lab points, depending on which one the student needs the most.