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at montini middle school

Montini Engineering

6th Grade - 3 classes a week


This year's focus is to expose students to an engineering curriculum that emphasizes problem solving skills and team building challenges.  Students will use math, science, and imagination to examine the world around them.  Students will be using the Engineering Design Process to complete projects, which involves asking questions, understanding and following criteria and constraints, brainstorming ideas, designing solutions, building models, testing models, redesigning, modifying models, etc.  The Engineering Design Process is designed to help students understand how engineers solve problems, deal with failure, and continually improve everything around us!


6th Grade Projects - Completed so far this year

  1. Straw Tower Challenge
  2. Statue of Liberty (Critical Load Design, Building, & Testing)
  3. Truss Bridge Project
  4. Pneumatic Bridge Project(Pressurized Air - Draw Bridge)
  5. Design Inspiration
  6. Prediction Electricity Lab
  7. Human Energy Activity
  8. Brightness Electricity Lab
  9. Static Electricity Lab
  10. Series Circuit Challenge (Intro to Motors)
  11. Building an Electric Game Board
  12. Wiggle Bots
  13. Magnetic Toy
  14. Alternative Energy Projects
  15. Wind Turbine Designs
  16. Solar Energy Lamp Dissection
  17. Solar Powered Ornament Design
  18. Bookmark Building Challenge